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“Members of Congress should be compelled to wear uniforms like Nascar drivers, so we could identify their corporate sponsors". - Unknown, 2009.  We the people need to free our elected from daily fund raising and the fear that contributions will go to their next opponent if they don't comply with the wishes of their funders.  Your contributions will launch the technology needed to empower action across America.

Coffee Party USA is going to spend the next 18 months in efforts to FREE THE ELECTED From Daily Fundraising So They Can Work For US. You can help by donating to our project and celebrate by taking yourself out to dinner (or breakfast or lunch) with a Gift Certificate. 

Give us $25.00 and we will send you a $25.00 free Gift Certificate, Give us $50.00 and we will send you a $50.00 free Gift Certificate!  It's that easy! 


steak-and-lobster.jpgFor donations of more than $100.00 we will DOUBLE the amount you receive! So for $200.00 we will give you $400.00 in free Gift Certificates, Give us $1000.00 and we will give you $2000.00 in free Gift Certificates! Scroll Down to Contribute Now! 

Help us to FREE THE ELECTED, support local business, and reward yourself with some steak and lobster...or a tofu burger with home fries! 

A Gift Certificate gives you the choice of thousands of participating restaurants nationwide, as well as premium online partners like LobsterGram, Mrs. Fields, The Fruit Company and many others. Your free Gift Certificate will be emailed to you within 7-10 days of your contribution.  


The fine print: Minimum spend requirements and other restrictions may apply. Visit for complete terms and conditions and participating restaurants. The views and opinions expressed by Coffee Party USA do not necessarily reflect those of, nor constitute an endorsement by  

Until the super-minority of big money campaign contributors and corporations with super-citizen rights can no longer directly buy candidates with mega-donations, or indirectly influence them with marketing departments, lobbyists, and “helpful” self-interest groups, our elected will not look to voters when decisions are made.  Scroll Down to Contribute Now!

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