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Bridge Builder for Life

Debilyn Molineaux brings a passion to her work that is contagious to

all around her. Her mission in the world is to assist the global

community in “writing” our next social contract with each other.

Service to this mission leads decision making in everyday living.

Her current work is at the intersection of politics, executive

coaching, marketing and consulting. Ms. Molineaux works with staff, board members and

other leaders inside their organizations to build “game changing” movements that shift the

underlying dynamics of power, politics and participation in our country. Ms. Molineaux is

especially adept at the use of “quiet power” which brings out hidden talents of volunteers

and staff who become valuable assets to the organization. Projects include development

and management of Living Room Conversations, serving on the Board of Directors for

Coffee Party USA and Executive Team for The Bridge Alliance. Local Oregon work is with

Ingenuity Innovation Center, a whole-systems approach and new paradigm for living

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Ways to Support

There are many ways you can support Coffee Party USA.

Volunteer for Coffee Party USA!
We are a grassroots organization whose mission is to bring forth civility in our national political discussion. We have all types of political affiliations involved with us and we mean to keep it that way as America herself is that way. Please feel free to invite other volunteers to join as we welcome everyone who wants to participate in bringing forward a better America!

Start your own community group by sending us an email.

Become a MONTHLY member.
Even volunteer-run organizations have expenses for website, teleconferencing and more. Our monthly sustaining members help us pay these monthly bills and support larger campaigns. Our monthly memberships start at $5 per month or more.

Become an ANNUAL member.
As an annual member of the Coffee Party you'll be supporting efforts that help us build, nurture and connect communities to reclaim our government for the people.  Our annual membership rate is $30 or more.

Coffee Party USA is an all-volunteer organization operated totally on donations in addition to memberships. We deeply appreciate your contribution. 



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Become a volunteer

Coffee Party Supporter,

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Coffee Party Movement. We are a grassroots organization whose mission is to bring forth civility in our national political discussion. We have all types of political affiliations involved with us and we mean to keep it that way as America herself is that way. Please feel free to invite other volunteers to join as we welcome everyone who wants to participate in bringing forward a better America!

The Coffee Party believes in building a strong sense of community among our volunteers.  All our volunteer work  is done virtually via weekly conference calls, Facebook and Google Drive.  We depend upon a continuity of commitment from our dedicated volunteers. 

We have many volunteer needs:

If you are interested in volunteering at the local level, skip the form on this page and go to our Organize Section

If you are interested in participating at the national level, please visit this page before filling out the form below.   If you see something you like, mention it in the comment field.  Then fill out the Civility Pledge and Non Disclosure agreement on the next page. 

Look for an email from Coffee Party Volunteers inviting you to our Volunteer Facebook page to get started.  Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it within 1 hour.  

We look forward to working with you and thank you for joining our volunteer force!

Debilyn Molineaux
debilyn at coffeepartyusa dot com

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Thank you for commenting on our statement regarding the dramatic need for equal justice before the law. We support healthy communities and recognize the men we mentioned above are but two diverse examples that have caught the public’s attention. There are far too many examples like this.

Additionally, a gentle reminder that Coffee Party USA is a member-based organization to rebuild, nurture and connect communities to reclaim our government for the people. For our mission to be fulfilled, justice is required.

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Petition for a Constitutional Amendment

Coffee Party USA is inviting you to sign the following petition which we will deliver to all members of the United States Congress.

GOAL: 5,000 signatures

To:        All Members of Congress

From:    Coffee Party USA and all Signatories 

We support an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would (1) enable Congress and the states to limit campaign spending and (2) to clearly establish that corporations are not people and do not have constitutional rights.

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Civility Pledge and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Coffee Party USA. We are primarily a volunteer-based organization and cannot succeed without the help of dedicated volunteers like you.

All our volunteers are asked to sign both our Civility Pledge and Non-disclosure agreement.

Here is the Coffee Party "Civility Pledge".  Please use the check box below to indicate your agreement.

As a member or supporter of the Coffee Party, I pledge to conduct myself in a way that is civil, honest, and respectful toward people with whom I disagree. I value people from different cultures, I value people with different ideas, and I value and cherish the democratic process.

Here is the Coffee Party "Non-Disclosure Agreement".  Please use the check box below to indicate your agreement.

In connection with your volunteer work, Coffee Party USA may provide you with access to portions of Coffee Party USA’s lists of supporters that contains personal information including but not limited to e-mail addresses and telephone numbers; and with access to other non-public information maintained by Coffee Party USA, all of which is “Coffee Party USA Confidential Information.”  You agree that you will not make use of or disclose any Coffee Party USA Confidential Information for any purpose whatsoever other than as needed for the performance of your volunteer services for Coffee Party USA.  You also agree that all documents, files, and lists relating to the operations and/or activities of Coffee Party USA, whether gathered by you or any other person, are and shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Coffee Party USA.

Please check BOTH boxes to volunteer and look for one final email to get you started. 

Then click "Save Volunteer Info"


Empowering Ourselves in the Coffee Party Movement

It has been great to see the passion with which people have jumped in to “save” the Coffee Party, when in fact, no rescue is necessary.  

We are moving from an old model to a new model in our human and political affairs -- from one in which we are at effect (disempowered) to another at which we are at cause (empowered). One is largely negative which leads many to feel our cause is doomed, to one that is affirmative and believes in the best of humanity and offers hope.

Our world today — the old model --  is ripe with victims, persecutors and heroes (aka rescuers) which many believe is the meaning of our daily lives.  This type of thinking, from inside the drama triangle, focuses on what we don’t want, who’s to blame, how bad we feel, and we tend to give our power away to and eulogize those who we call saviors. This is a default setting for most of the world.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

- Leo Tolstoy

Another way to provide meaning to our lives and the world has been emerging.  In this healthier world view, we focus on what we want...our vision.  When we focus on what we want, we engage our passion and identify next steps to take, hopefully together.

But what if what I want is to be right / win / dominate? (This attitude has been around for millennia.) Being right, wanting to win and dominating others is a strategy of the drama triangle most commonly used by persecutors or even those who are seen to be well-respected leaders — heads of corporations, politicians, etc... We can instead choose to assist others with the intention of helping them be better versions of themselves.  Not become more like us.

What if someone has taken advantage of or even hurt me?  Victimization does happen.  When the role of victim becomes an identity, one is living in the drama triangle. People who live with victim-mentality are never responsible for what is happening to them...they are quick to point out who’s to blame and are experts in the blame game. Instead, we can choose to accept our responsibility and decide what we want...engaging our vision and passion.

What if I see that a terrible mistake is about to be made or an injustice about to be perpetrated or there are very real injustices? Shouldn’t I warn someone? What should I do? This rescuer tendency to always “know what’s best for others” is actually a fear that the rescuer won’t be needed, so it is common to be around victims as a way to find meaning.  The arrogance of the rescuer also brings a sense of isolation, since no one else knows what's right. We can choose to ask questions of others instead of offering advice. If we admit we don't know everything, then the contribution of others becomes valued, lifting us all out of the drama triangle.

What, you ask, does this have to do with politics today?

When politicians, journalists, nonprofit organizations, businesses and others live in the drama triangle, everyone begins to be viewed as holding one of the three roles; victim, rescuer or persecutor.  Usually somebody is seen to be right and someone else is wrong. The media seems to exist to keep score. When substantive differences surface, instead of focusing on what we want to move forward and how might we work together, a blame game starts.  Eventually, people are disenchanted and all but the fiercest warriors fade away.

Keeping in mind that we cannot change anyone but ourselves, what is our personal responsibility?  How do we step away from the drama, our current political predicament, and start focusing on what we want?

What is your vision?



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Our Founder

Not unlike what might be found on the  “Acknowledgements” page in a best selling novel, our story would not be complete without taking a moment to honor the founder of our movement, Annabel Park.

Today, Annabel has moved on, taking her commitment to bringing democracy back into the hands of the people to new projects.

What better way to honor our founder than to use her own words?

How It All Began

The Snowy Video


The Snowy Video is Coffee Party 101. It was made on Feb. 10, 2010, outside of Salon Rouge in Dupont Circle.

Ironically, this is where many hear and misunderstand the statement, “I was frustrated by the news coverage that implied that the Tea Party was representative of America. I completely disagree with that”.

Annabel goes on to speak of Americans who seek civility and reason in the political process, and offers the Coffee Party as the place to “discuss solutions for the problems rather than strategically obstructing any progress”.

Why I started Coffee Party USA

By Annabel Park, Special to CNN 

“When I began the Facebook fan page "Join the Coffee Party Movement," I had no idea what would transpire. It was about 1:30 a.m. January 26, and I was very frustrated with the endless news coverage about the Tea Party and the growing narrative that it represented America.

“I was driven by a question, a curiosity: If I build it, will they come? Would anyone respond to my call for civility in our political discourse and cooperation in government?”


Happy Birthday Coffee Party: You are now 4 years old!

by Annabel Park 

“What have I been up to? A few years ago, we decided that the best way to run a democracy movement would be to have its members elect its leaders. So, I have been contributing to America’s struggle to preserve self-governance in other ways (while watching as Coffee Party takes on new challenges like a parent whose child has left the nest).

“Eric Byler and I are nearing completion of our second feature-length documentary: Story of America: Journey Into the Divide. A few days ago, I published an article on Huffington Post based on our year of reporting on North Carolina’s political struggle (our web video series has surpassed 1.3 million views, thanks in large part to your support).

Where Do We Go From Here?

Inspired by a deep appreciation of what Annabel created, Coffee Party USA moves forward with confidence that this republic’s democracy is broken, that The People can fix it, and that it will be civility and reason that will win the day over divisive rhetoric and talking points.

Coffee Party continues its commitment to serving our members and supporters by offering:

  • fact based civil discourse on social media
  • opportunities to gather together
  • targeted actions, “on the pages and in the streets”



*All Media and articles quoted have been acquired from public sources.


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Dan…I want to “like” your comment.

I don’t remember Dr. King, being a youngster (sort of )…so his legacy is what I have to go by. As I am one of the millions who have benefitted from said legacy, I am fortunate. I am privileged…by virtue of being caucasian. And within my family, I can see the evidence of progress within three generations, where we have moved from segregation to tolerance to acceptance.

When the Citizens United ruling was announced, I was focused on a major transition in my personal life and it barely registered. Living in a conservative area, it just wasn’t a big deal. Around the same time, I began working as a campaign manager in a local election and my focus on national politics was put aside for a time.

An astute colleague of mine, Walt Roberts, first brought up Coffee Party to me a few months later. He followed the movement and made contact with Annabel. As we finished up another project together, we could see the Coffee Party expanding and growing exponentially, exceeding the ability of a few volunteers to manage.

My life the last ten years has been committed to serving our communities and working towards systemic change. It isn’t so much “how am I going to remember this year” as it is “what am I going to do today?”

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Trans Pacific Partnership Survey

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, more commonly referred to as the TPP is Free Trade Agreement between the U.S. and 12 Asian Pacific countries.  Like other such agreements, it is been being created and negotiated by the the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), who reports directly to the President.   Work on the TPP began in 2005 under the Bush Administration and has continued during of the Obama Administration.  And now, the President has begun talk of using the Fast Track Option to limit debate on and amendments to the agreement during the congressional approval process; a process the President had aimed to complete by the end of 2013.  Twenty-nine chapters in length, many are calling it NAFTA on steroids.

signed TPP Petition 2013-12-19 13:49:08 -0500

TPP Petition

tpp-why_so_secret.jpgIf you would like to take the survey, it is here:

Should Coffee Party USA take a position demanding transparency of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

If you think so, please sign this petition and share it with your friends.  If we are to take action, we'll need to take it soon!

UPDATE:  We hit our first 100 250 signatures.  Great job!!!  The new goal is now 500.

GOAL: 500 signatures

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11/14/2013, LWL will repeat “Healthcare and YOU” from 10/31/2103. Featured guest, Michael Charney shares his experience of signing up for Obamacare and added costs for his family. Debilyn and Jeanene shop for coverage in Oregon and a caller exposes a loophole that is detrimental to families. All-in-all, we agree that health coverage is a good goal…navigation to get it needs some help.

Earl Blumenauer's District.

Hey Everyone...let's get rockin' and rollin' on this project!

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Mark McKinnon stated at the Coffee Party Convention in 2010 that members of Congress spend 70-90% of their time raising money. We would like them to spend their time representing us…doing the job they are elected to do. How can we “free them” to do so?

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Great comment, Vicky. One solution I worked on a couple years ago is Living Room Conversations. It help people connect on a human level before having a political conversation. It’s important to remember we all have a tendency to listen to what we like and push away that with which we disagree. For more information on having difficult conversations, check out

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Dan…the video isn’t part of our blog! I’ll have to talk with Eric and/or Justin to see who posted it and pinned it to the top of the home page… I think it was created in early 2012 or for tax day 2011. Regardless, it seems dated for today’s narrative.

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