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A Message to Coffee Party Membership

The Coffee Party USA Board of Directors completed its mandated, in-person meeting in Boulder, Colorado last week.  We took advantage of this cherished face-to-face meeting to plan actions for the next year.  The commitment of the Board was evident as they arrived from Oregon, Texas, Michigan, and Colorado at their own expense.  Board members from New Jersey, Illinois and Virginia participated using Skype.

While in Boulder, each Board member shared their perspective of Coffee Party USA and plans for the next year. 

I encourage you to watch the video, and assign a face and voice to our names, and feel welcome to contact us for questions, comments, and opportunities to volunteer.  You will be greeted openly and with enthusiasm by all of us.  As the newest Board member, I can offer you an outsider's perspective of the Board, the plans, and direction for the Coffee Party USA.

First of all, I am heartened by the quality and character of the current Board of Directors.  I have been involved in business, community activities, and media for a long time and with many entities.  The Coffee Party USA Board of Directors is motivated to execute the mission to inform people about issues, encourage civil discussion, and facilitate citizen participation in government.  Furthermore, the Board's diverse backgrounds came together to develop realistic and achievable goals and plans to achieve the goals.  Responsibilities were assigned and work has begun.  It is exciting.

We are vastly increasing the quantity and quality of communication to membership. We are seeking new members and creating opportunities to participate in a number of ways, from Movie Nights to becoming a Coffee Party ambassador with your local Congressional representative.  We also have many volunteer opportunities, which we will outline in another communication.

Board members have already begun reaching out to other organizations for collaboration.  We are now “on the radar” of a number of national organizations and adding them as members.  The partnerships we are developing with them is making Coffee Party USA relevant in discussions across the country.   And, as Al Pacino famously said in a movie, “We're just getting warmed up.”   We are poised to elevate the discussions about a number of issues, educate people about these issues, and create avenues for involvement.

I personally view our mission in the context of the League of Women Voters.  They are an organization that sought to present candidates to voters and facilitate people to vote.  Coffee Party USA is uniquely skilled to civilly present issues to citizens and facilitate citizen participation in our government.  We will continue to promote our top three issues of Campaign Finance Reform, Tax Code Reform and Wall Street Reform.

This mission has been presented to many people, organizations, and activists across America.  Their enthusiasm is as great as ours.  America needs the Coffee Party USA.

So it comes down to this:  We need you.  Be involved.  Help democracy grow.  Let's encourage and facilitate civil discussions about issues everywhere.  We'll do this together.

Join now or renew your membership and let's get rolling.

Tim Danahey

Board Director for Public and Membership Relations

You can make a difference. Let's do this together. Please help us be a part of the necessary change in our country.

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