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Who Do Ya Trust?

The country is coming apart at the seams. We face ever growing dangers, we are in debt and at war. Our infrastructure is crumbling and our addiction to foreign is killing us. Unemployment is through the roof and health care cost are ever increasing. And while all these important issues, challenge us as a nation--as a people, our elected officials sit gridlocked in Washington. Where is the sense of urgency one might ask. How can they stand idly by? Well for one they make $175,000 a year and have world class health care and pensions. When they leave Washington they will get a sweet job from some corporation(depending on who they shilled to the most)as a lobbyist or a "consultant". Due to gerrymandering 90% of our congressional votes do not evan count. Banks and corporations have more influence and power than any American. And year after year we elect these same crooks into office. The media lies to us so much we have no idea what is really happening. Evan CNN is getting into the act and has taken a turn to the right as of late. Guess there is more money in it for them.

So, one might ask him/herself: who can I trust? And that's a very good question. Who can we trust? The Republicans? Well they have made it abundantly clear that, they are not to be trusted. The Democrats? They too, merrit a good deal of distrust. Can we trust the Tea Party? Well unfortunately, I doubt we can trust a mob of anti-intellectuals, who have no problems supporting politicians who think the earth is 6,000 years old. Enter the Coffee Party. Could this be a movement of thinkers? Could this be a movement of people who value science, education, personal liberties and one very basic idea; the government works for us the people, not the corporations. Well this is what I'm hoping for. We need to send a message to Washington and to the media.

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