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The Middle Class is "Too Big To Fail"

Millions of hard-working American's are struggling.  Some of us are one paycheck away from disaster.  Just like every other citizen in this great country, we want the American dream.  We work hard, we take care of our families and we pay our taxes.  Yet, a lot of us feel, a little more each day, that we may be fighting a hopeless battle.

We are tired of a system that recognizes the few, with money, over the many, without.  We are tired of a system that rewards trillion dollar bailouts and a tax code that favors the super wealthy corporate elite.  All the while, so many of us are still struggling with our mortage, health care costs and supporting our children.  

Please share your story with Coffee Party USA.  It deserves to be shared with the world.

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What's your "Too Big Too Fail" story?

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