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Our Message to Congress: Get to Work or Get Out

Our message to Congress: You work for us, not for corporations. We hired you and we get to fire you. We pay you and give you great health insurance. Now get to work serving the interests of the American people, or get out.

Anyone who wants our government to function in the interest of ordinary Americans, not corporations, is welcome to join this movement.

We believe that the majority of Americans are regular folks like us, and some of us have been misled into thinking that the federal government is the cause of our struggles, our anxiety and our fear. In short, our government has been presented to us as our enemy.

Another way of putting it is this: we have a democracy with a loophole. The most active, most well-funded, and most organized interests can dominate the process. And for many years, corporations have dominated our democratic process because they can afford to hire thousands of lobbyists to reside in Washington DC and actively influence the direction of our government. Yes, the corporations have a lot of money. But we have the power of the vote. They may attempt to influence us, but our vote belongs to us and us alone, and herein lies our power.

We need to flex our muscles as voters and be actively engaged, even though we are busy, overworked, and underpaid. We have to take back our government or, as Elizabeth Warren said, "the game is over." We are doomed economically and culturally unless we act now.

We have to get the message out ASAP. We are about solutions, cooperation, and dealing with the reality that we're in trouble as a nation, and it's action, not in action, that will allow us to overcome.

Let's discard the labels that obfuscate reality like Democrat, Republican, conservative and liberal. Those words just create and perpetuate the illusion that politics is like a football game. One team wins, the other loses. That's not accurate and it is a distraction, like shadow puppets on a wall.

Democracy is not a zero sum game. The reality is, as a nation, we will all lose if we stay on the same path, not owning up to all the warning signs that we are economically and culturally in peril. We are near bankruptcy as a nation. We have squandered our credit as the defender of freedom and the leader of the world. We can't go on just fighting and not working together, folks. If you must think in terms of what team you are on, please think of America as your team instead of a cultural or political affiliation.

There are those who fear they have something to lose if the silent majority stands up. They will try to bully us with smear campaigns and intimidation tactics. We don't back down. We will stand together and we will succeed. We must. For the sake of our children and in the name of our country, we must succeed.

Please take a moment to view this warning from Elizabeth Warren
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