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Open Volunteer Roles

As a fully-grassroots, non-profit organization, The Coffee Party Movement is powered by volunteers who bring expertise, passion, and commitment from their various walks of life to drive projects that bring us closer to achieving our mission.

If you are committed to the same things that we are and you have a skill to provide, please take a look below to see if there is an open role that we're looking to fill.

If one or more interest you (or none do but you'd like to be contacted to find a better fit), please submit your contact information on our Volunteers page and be sure to identify which group(s) you would like to join by filling in the comments under Additional Volunteer Info.


Volunteer Opportunities

Groups Accepting Volunteers:

Community Outreach and Engagement Work Group


Supports community chapters in their local actions through mentoring, training, promoting affiliation  and connecting the chapters to the national work groups and Board of Directors for organized Coffee Party Events.   They are also responsible for managing and moderating the Facebook Page for Community Organizers and for building our base of local chapters.  This group is perfect for anyone that wants to support the grassroots movement at the national level by providing the much needed support for the community chapters.  This group meets via conference call on Tuesdays at 8 PM ET and communicates throughout the week via a dedicated  Facebook Page.



(If you are interested in organizing in your community, please click here instead)



Campaigns and Actions Work Group:


This is an action and event oriented work group. The focus of this work group is to develop and implement actions and/or events that engage and encourage our membership and chapters to become active participants in the political process. This can include assisting  with work with  local chapters and  other organizations,  but will focus on national campaigns and actions and encourage member involvement. If you are an organizer, can help implement large and small actions, and like to make a difference at the national level, this is the group for you.  This group is currently working in conjunction with Community Outreach above and meets via conference calls on  Tuesdays at 8  PM ET and communicates throughout the week via a dedicated  Facebook Page


Strategy and Implementation Work Group


Develop strategic plans for the Coffee Party which should function as both a nonprofit organization and an effective, nimble grassroots movement .  Review, update and maintain a strong, efficient operation structure. This group maintains and updates all organizational design and strategic planning.  This group focuses on the What, Where and How of the organization. Strategic thinkers, project managers and organizers are needed here.  This group meets via teleconference on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. ET.  



Board Development Work Group


This group contributes to recruiting new board candidates, sets up and carries out the board elections, reviews the election process and makes  recommendation of any necessary changes.  This work group is also responsible for planning the annual Board Retreat and training. Do you have experience in Nonprofit Board Development?  We’d love to hear from you. This group meets Mondays at 8 PM ET


Groups not currently accepting volunteers:


Volunteer Coordination


The purpose of this group is to grow our movement by developing our member strength and promote involvement of members at the national level. Responsible for following up with volunteer sign ups, the recruiting, vetting (if applicable), placement, retention, training and support of volunteers of the CP that work at the national level. In this group, you would be calling volunteers, helping with placement and providing support with training and additional placements as needed. If you like talking to people and providing customer service for our volunteers, this is the group for you. A working knowledge of the Coffee Party and its mission is required.



Newsroom Work Group


Provides ongoing news content to our members and supporters through social media including  Facebook, Twitter, Scoopit, blogging and more.  Responsible for moderating our Facebook page and managing our shows on Blog Talk Radio.  If you love journalism, fact-checking and bringing awareness to the issues, this is the group to join.   This group meets via conference call Wednesdays at 8 PM ET and throughout the week via a dedicated Facebook page.



Channels Marketing/Partners Collaboration  Work Group


To identify, reach out to and promote alliances and partnerships that strengthen the Coffee Party message by research and locating groups, actions and campaigns that align with the Coffee Party Brand and to reach out for the purpose of collaboration and mutual support. Do you have experience with other organizations that align with the Coffee Party?  Are you interested in helping form alliances?  If so, then ask to join this group, which is in startup.


Public and Member Relations


Combines efforts of communicating about Coffee Party to the outside world and communications to our members and supporters within the Coffee Party.  This group has two roles and is perfect for some of our best communicators:

  • Member Communications - communicate with, and receive feedback from, members and supporters about campaigns, initiatives, collaborations, national organizational developments, volunteers and local actions. This group also publishes the member newsletter.

  • Public Relations -  to draw interest and therefore donations into the Coffee Party through press releases, maintaining branding, and developing a liaison with Media.

Development/Fundraising Work Group


The Coffee Party runs on volunteer power, but we need funds to finance campaigns, support our community chapter activities, keep our social media resources up to date and maintain our website and database.  This group researches and develops avenues for  funding for the Coffee Party through grant writing, fundraising, e-commerce, membership drives and other creative opportunities. If you have ideas or experience in this area, we would love you to join this group.


Internet Infrastructure Work Group


Develops maintains and supports communication pathways and websites  and maintain effective Internet and Social Media Infrastructure tools. Handles technical requests from end-users having to do with infrastructure use (such as our apps, forms, membership information changes, web site problems, email.  Handles requests from staff and volunteer users as well as members.  IT experience or talented IT hobbyists only.  If you have IT experience, we can use your expertise.  



Accounting/Legal Work Group


Supports the Treasurer, the Board and the non-profit organizational structure  by being responsible for all accounting, tax and legal compliance and reporting procedures including but not limited to budget planning, and compliance with taxes, 501c and copyright.  If you have either an  accounting and/or legal background, please ask to join this group.   

This group is also responsible for maintaining membership records and provides customer service and problem solving for members and supporters.  Also works with other workgroups to promote membership drives to bring in more members to the Coffee Party. If you are good at customer service and can work well with online databases, this is will be a perfect fit.

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