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Citizen Engagement with Coffee Party USA

My name is Billy Sears and I am the newest member of The Coffee Party USA Board of Directors.  I am tasked with Local Organizing and Support.

Some of you may recognize my name.  I have a long history with Coffee Party USA, dating back to our roots in 2010.  I saw the beginnings of Coffee Party as a YouTube video that went massively viral, a wildly popular facebook page just getting off the ground, and I also participated in one of over 400 Coffee Party groups that met in a single weekend in 2010.

I went on to be a leader with my local Coffee Party community in Champaign, IL as well as a leader within the national Coffee Party community as our first ever staff member as Director of Membership.

I have been through many incarnations of Coffee Party.  I have seen, and been a part of, our many successes.  I have also been a part of our learning opportunities.  Throughout everything that we have been through as a community in the past, our founding principles remain the same:

  • We do not feel represented by our government or the officials that we have elected to be our collective voice in the democratic process.

  • We must participate in the democratic process, in a responsible way, and work to hold our elected representatives accountable for obstruction of progress.

  • The continuing influence of money in politics, particularly the Citizens United ruling, is damaging in a way the framers of this republic’s democracy never could have imagined.

As we get closer and closer to the five year anniversary of Coffee Party, I would like to invite you to engage, or re-engage, in Coffee Party USA.  We are a grassroots democracy movement, working to connect communities in an ongoing effort to reclaim our government.  You are one of the most important assets in The Coffee Party arsenal.

I would like to extend you a personal invitation to join me on a teleconference to discuss various ways to organize  with Coffee Party USA in your community.  This call will be held on Sunday, September 14, at 3pm CT/1pm PT. Click here to register

This will be the first of what will become a monthly call.  It will serve as an opportunity for new, and seasoned, Coffee Party organizers to come together to discuss best practices, progress in their communities, challenges to overcome, as well as create and build community within the Coffee Party organizing family.

We will also discuss opportunities to volunteer for the national Local Support Team.  This team will be tasked with drafting grassroots campaigns for local Coffee Party groups, assisting local organizers in identifying opportunities in their communities, as well as helping to support and build leaders all over the country.

I cannot stress enough that organizing within Coffee Party USA is a partnership.  Be prepared to bring your creativity and ideas to the table.  Everyone has a voice and the only bad idea is the one that doesn't make it to the table.

This local organizing call will be held on Sunday, September 14, at 3pm CT/1pm PT.  You may register by clicking here.

If you have any questions prior to the call, or would like to discuss specific local organizing or volunteer opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact me at

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