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How I got the name

I marched in a tea party event back in August with my signs "AMERICA LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT" and "I NEED HEALTH CARE" while dressed up in jeans and a flag halter top. At first people responded kindly smiling and laughing at my stars and stripes until they read my signs. I am sorry I didn't bring a webcam to show those smiling faces crumble and twist into sneering visions of rage.

"Get a job" they hurled at me disgustedly, some spit on the ground as they walked by me. "I have a job" I hollered back but it was ignored as if I said nothing "GET A JOB" they yelled louder, so it was all I could remember hearing that day.

I left right around sunset. I had to go work at the Ramada Inn down the road and besides the crowd was getting more agitated now.
Men with microphones were hopping out of vans and taking positions on each corner and doing what they could to whip each small group into a unified frenzy. They led the chanting "we're fed up" and "we're not gonna take it" to and with the already tired, angry and restless crowd.
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