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Food for the 21st Century

planet-food.pngThe earth’s population has more than doubled in my lifetime. From Frances Moore Lappe’s groundbreaking conversation in Diet for a Small Planet, to the big business model of “better living through chemistry”, the debate over just how to go about feeding the world continues.

Across the country and around the world there is a growing trend afoot to shift food production to small, innovative, farming groups using creative types of business organization. Even Dylan Ratigan has joined the cause for good food, now fully engaged in the creation of a prototype for job-creating, water-saving, food-producing, veteran-led hydroponic organic greenhouses nationwide.

Today, there is a struggle between politically savvy corporate agribusiness and the grassroots sustainable foods movement due, in part, to public concerns about the health effects, economic consequences, and environmental impacts of industrialized food production. This was recently brought to the forefront by the House Agricultural Appropriations Bill dubbed the “Monsanto Protection Act”, thought by many to be an incestuous victory for big business.

kateaaron.pngOn Thursday’s show, we’ll meet Oregon Ingenuers Kate Wildrick and Aaron Imhoff, who have decided to produce good food with aquaponics farming. But their drive for solutions in today’s world doesn’t stop there.  Aaron’s continued experimentation with energy and Kate’s focus on building community has created Ingenuity Innovation Center, a new/old way of learning that could be our “next step” as we take back our power from Wall Street, politicians beholden to campaign funders, and regulatory cronyism - toward good food. Check out their website or join their group on Facebook.

They will discuss and answer questions about their chosen approach to feeding the world. And, they also have answers to questions like, “How can you insure the food you eat is GMO free?”,  “How to grow it yourself from heirloom seeds!”, and, “What if you don’t have time or land to farm?”

Join us for a lively conversation about our future and what it holds.

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