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Dear Mr. President...


CLICK HERE to write a letter to President Obama, based on the letter below — a summary of sentiments we collected from Coffee Party Radio and social media outlets.

The streamers are down and the bleachers are empty. Cold settles over the nation’s capital as, all along the mall, city workers repair and restore the battered landscape, collecting the detritus of more than half-a-million inauguration attendees. Meanwhile, the steps of the Capitol return to purpose, where they serve as the entryway to our government.

The second term begins, and it’s time to get back to work…

The last four years have seen many changes, but perhaps the most seismic has been the shift in how voices are heard. We at the Coffee Party USA—a true grassroots movement—are just one of those providing a platform for all those voices, and recently we invited both visitors to our Facebook page and callers to The Middle Ground radio show to offer their advice regarding where you should focus your second-term efforts. Here are a few of the things our callers had to say:

  • Grow the middle class. Remind everyone that the middle class drives everything in this country—including not just economic growth, but business wealth as well. Fight for everyone to have a living wage.

  • Defend our nation in ways more broad than conventional definition. Strive to make educators valued and our educational system the envy of the world. Preserve the health and dignity of veterans who have served this country proudly but now find themselves too often abandoned. Protect our civil rights and our Bill of Rights by re-establishing the inviolability of privacy and due process.
  • Demand equality for American citizens. We face a watershed moment in civil rights similar to the one we faced in the sixties. You’ve already taken bold steps in this direction by supporting same-sex marriage and eliminating restrictions on women in the military. Continue on this path.

  • Remember that jobs are still top of mind for nearly everyone. Create them. Fund them. Bring them home. Provide ways to improve skills. Make it interesting and attractive for businesses to hire. There are myriad ways to do this, starting with the badly needed improvements to our own infrastructure.

  • Preserve the sanctity of our votes. Fight tooth-and-claw to make sure that every vote counts. Work to overturn the Citizens United decision, current campaign finance law, and the revolving door that supports a corrupt lobbying system.

  • And, finally, give us a dream, a fantasy, an epiphanic vision of the future toward which we can strive. Americans work best when facing the impossible, and it’s been far too long since we built a Golden Gate Bridge, or a Hoover Dam. Far too long since that booted foot left its eternal imprint on the moon. Don’t just cement your legacy; cement ours.

Mr. President, there is no question that the next four years will be difficult and, as Jefferson said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” We are still just emerging from the worst economic crisis that most of us have ever experienced. We face unprecedented polarization, and a dangerous world. We have children who are frightened at night because, for the first time, there may actually be monsters under the bed. Along with all of this comes the only certainty: that everything will continue to remain uncertain. Still: you have carved a path, one that many want you to continue along. And, importantly, you’ve asked us to have a voice.

Here it is.


Your constituents at the Coffee Party USA


CLICK HERE to write your own letter to President Obama, based on the letter above.

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Wonderful piece Michael. Now if we could make that our chant we would all be fine.

Crier Communications(
commented 2013-01-24 17:53:35 -0500 · Flag
Thanks to all for the kind words. While I do like to turn a poetic phrase now and again, the true messages in this letter come not from me, but from the listeners and contributors. They deserve the praise.
commented 2013-01-24 17:50:17 -0500 · Flag
Felix: It was hard to leave guns out, but I felt we had mentioned it numerous times. I alluded to it—just slightly— with the reference to children and their fears of monsters under the bed. We agree, though, that it’s an agenda that needs continued attention.
commented 2013-01-24 17:36:23 -0500 · Flag
sad that you didn’t address guns. Very interesting report out that OECD did and which was mentioned in Bloomberg Business on the 13th of January.

“In addition, unintentional firearm deaths in the U.S. were more than five times higher than in the other countries. Among these 23 countries, the U.S. accounted for 80 percent of all firearm deaths; 87 percent of all children under 15 killed by firearms were American children. In 2005, 5,285 U.S. children were killed by gunshot compared with 57 in Germany and none in Japan—a country with some of the toughest gun controls in the world. In America, people who live in houses with guns are more likely to be killed. Homes with guns are 12 times more likely to have household members or guests killed or injured by the weapon than by an intruder. And while the guns-violence relationship is not perfect across or within rich countries, the counter-examples have implications that gun-rights advocates might not like. Consider Switzerland, which has the second-highest gun ownership rate amongst OECD countries, yet a very low overall homicide rate—one-third the OECD average. While Swiss gun-related homicides are more common than elsewhere in the OECD, that still suggests that the mere availability of guns doesn’t necessitate a lot of violent crime.”
commented 2013-01-24 17:11:19 -0500 · Flag
Great job, Michael!
commented 2013-01-24 13:55:48 -0500 · Flag
Perfectly summarized Ladies and Gentlemen! I humbly suggest that we CC the 435 other people in Washington who need to absorb this along with a brief note that reads, “Please see the attached People’s Agenda, which we submitted to the President. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation in working with him to advance it.” We need all of them to be reading from the same playbook.
commented 2013-01-24 13:52:33 -0500 · Flag
A masterful job of collecting and communicating the concerns of Coffee Party USA to the president, Michael!
commented 2013-01-24 13:31:41 -0500 · Flag
Thanks, J’nene. BTW: I’ve just sent this essay to the White House, via, and I’ve asked for a response. I’ll post in the comments when it comes.
commented 2013-01-24 13:31:16 -0500 · Flag
Wonderful piece Michael. Now if we could make that our chant we would all be fine.
commented 2013-01-24 13:01:00 -0500 · Flag
Bravo. Great summary of our collective concerns. I think there are things we can do to help the POTUS. We can demand campaign finance reform, tax code reform, and Wall Street reform of our Congressional delegations as well. We can collectively boo actions like gerrymandering and “pork” stuck to meaningful legislation. This is a lovely response to his inaugural cry to “we, as citizens….” Thanks.

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