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A message to our members - A Resolution


 by Tim Danahey, Coffee Party USA Director of Public and Member Relations

It's the time of year for resolutions.  Typically, people make a list of personal goals encompassing health, habits, and money.  Please allow us to suggest one more:  become a member of the Coffee Party USA.

If ever there was a time this country cries out for the informed civil activism of its citizens, it is now. 

 Rarely in American history has our governance been in the hands of so few representing the narrowest of interests.

The choice is rather clear for you, for me, and the other person we assume will get active for us.  The choice is to accept the trend the nation is following or to initiate local action that networks with the Coffee Party USA's national coordination.  We can impact public policy when we work together.

The task is not daunting.  You can achieve minor successes and you are certainly capable of affecting the lives of many Americans – and we can help.    We can connect you with others in your community who also value civic engagement, thoughtful conversation, and shared learning about the issues.

Coffee Party USA will not direct your thoughts or actions in one direction or another.  You must be free to develop your own ideas and opinions.  We will, however, make it easy for you to meet other Coffee Party USA members and to civilly discuss the issues.

We can provide starting materials for discussion.  We can help you create an environment conducive to working together or respectful disagreement. The ideas you share will make you part of the “informed electorate” Thomas Jefferson knew our nation needs and our present mass media is inadequate or unwilling to facilitate.  We will help you contact your elected officials so you can be heard.  We can offer access to organizations that work to advance your thoughts.

All it takes is “you” and one small effort to join us.

Life begins outside your comfort zone.  The small effort will expand your world of social acquaintances, shared knowledge, and opportunities for individual action.  The small effort is akin to a car in the open garage with its engine running  - all you have to do is put it in gear and explore the roads of civic engagement.

We need you.  We want you.  Join today.  You'll be glad you did.



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