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We believe the key is to make Money-in-Politics a campaign issue.  Money-in-Politics is almost never a campaign issue because almost any politician who can finance a competitive campaign is already a participant in the current, corrupt campaign finance system.  It would be hypocritical to challenge an opponent for engaging in the same sort of activities that they themselves are engaged in.  There is also a lot of pressure from the national and state parties (which are essentially fund-raising machines) and party leadership to downplay the issue.  There are a lot of career paths predicated on the continuation of the current, corrupt system.  

The campaign represents the primary and overriding activities of the Coffee Party USA for the years 2013 and 2014, with a targeted goal of:

  1. determining the positions of legislators and candidates with respect to Money-in-Politics;

  2. educating the voting public on those positions; and

  3. encouraging the elected to support campaign finance reform that will free them from the everyday need to raise campaign funds.

The campaign and its purpose are best summarized by the organizational theme of current Coffee Party efforts:

“To Engage and Empower a Grassroots Movement to Free the Elected”

The above statement both defines the primary campaign mechanisms (grassroots movement) and the positioning statement (FREE THE ELECTED). The former indicates that the campaign will succeed if focused on the efforts of hundreds (if not thousands) of local “citizen activists,” while the latter indicates the type of story we wish to tell through this campaign.

That story says that our elected officials, no matter how well intentioned when they are first elected, are immediately thrust into a system in which they have no choice but to cater to those who “invest” in them through political donations. There is simply no alternative because the current system is inherently corrupted.


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