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Our goal with the campaign is not to vilify individuals or groups, but to encourage their behavioral changes through an empathetic approach that recognizes that, at heart, they wish to be true representatives—if only the system would let them.  They need freedom from the tyrannical system in which they find themselves, one that rests on these facts and assumptions:

  1. Fundraising is an everyday necessity for those we elect

  2. The expectation of gratitude is unsaid but felt by all

  3. The threat of funding the opponent is real and enters into their votes and actions

That story is the key component of the program, and its consistent usage fosters a transpartisan approach to the problem, something the Coffee Party believes in strongly. Properly implemented, then, the 535 Campaign has the ability to:

Connect communities

We will connect communities using all of the media tools of the Coffee Party to reach out and engage people in the Campaign.   We will organize this outreach and organize the communities themselves using NationBuilder.   Using these tools, we will create a connection between Coffee Party members and each of the 535 members of Congress.  Additionally, as resources permit, we will attempt to establish a connection between Coffee Party members and each member of the various state legislatures.  Engaging state legislators will bring these lower-level state legislators into the process allowing us to prepare for moving constitutional amendments through the state houses but it will also allow us to produce pressure from below on members of Congress.  (That is, a state legislator who is supportive of the 535 Campaign will naturally be viewed as a possible challenger to the member of Congress in the same area, even if they are of the same party.  Since state legislators are not as well insulated from the voters [by special interest money] as are members of Congress [that is, their challengers do not need to spend nearly as much to beat them], we should find more politicians at the lower levels who are more likely to agree with us when approached by a number of local politically active constituents.

Reclaim our government for the people

A variety of forces, which can collectively be labeled as the “Money-in-Politics” problem, have created a situation where the voice of the citizen is lost and the voice of those who spend Money-in-Politics is dominant.  It is by solving the “Money-in-Politics” problem that we can reclaim the people’s power over our representatives and thereby reclaim our government.

Make Money-in-Politics a campaign issue

by requesting elected officials to act to fix the Money-in-Politics problem.  Their first act is to post, on their website, their plan to fix Citizens United.  Those who do post a plan will have the plan examined by the citizens of their district (through Campaign empowered, district specific dialog). Those who decline our request will be listed as unwilling to divulge their position.

Unite individuals, groups and organizations within the 535 Campaign

helping other politicians recognize that we have assembled a base of supporters for a candidate or candidates who are willing to stand with us, beginning with the simple action of posting their plan to fix Citizens United on their campaign web site.  

In time, we will either persuade the incumbents to post their plan or we will have helped build a constituency that will help someone else win the seat.


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