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Candidates for Director 5 - Campaign & Action

Dan AronsonEgberto Willies

Dan Aronson

Dan_Aronson.jpgHello, fellow Coffee Party members!  I have been the Campaign and Action Workgroup Chairperson for the past year, and now, believing more strongly than ever in our mission, wish to increase the level of my contribution. 

I have spent the last 27 years working in the Electronic Communications field as a sales and marketing executive.  During this time, I have gained valuable experience in strengthening brands by creating valued partnerships, which just so happens to be the same mission as that of the Campaign and Action Committee.  As a manager of 14 years, I have learned how to develop cooperative workgroups by getting members to first buy into the mission itself, and then soliciting their input in developing actionable plans to accomplish it. 

If you entrust me with this role, I will work diligently to create actions aimed at enhancing and perfecting the Party’s already good name, while expanding our working relationships with like-minded organizations such as Move to Amend, the Business Ethics Network, Common Cause, and others.  Together, we will build a much larger coalition aimed at achieving our common goals; starting with the eradication of “big money” from politics and returning control of our government to The People.

I joined the Coffee Party to help fight against the forces that seek to corrupt our government for personal and political gain.  I hope that you will allow me to continue that fight as the Board Member in charge of Campaigns and Actions.

A bit about me:  Having grown up in Chicago, I currently reside in Portland, OR with my wife Christine and our 35 lb. rescue mutt Chi.  Our son Zachary currently lives in the Atlanta area.  I am proud to have earned a Black Belt in Okinawan Shuri-Ryu Karate-Do.  It was my study of martial arts that brought me to the realization that “service to others” is the greatest purpose one can aspire to. 

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Egberto Willies

EgbertoWillies(300X300).jpgEgberto Willies is an author / political activist / self-employed software developer / web designer who has always been interested in politics and its ultimate effects on society at large. He is an ardent Liberal that believes tolerance is essential and that political involvement should be a requirement for citizenship. Egberto believes that we must get away from the current policies that reward those who simply move money/capital and produce nothing tangible for our society and that if this is not done, we will become the same as many oligarchic societies where a few are able to accumulate wealth while the rest are left out because it is mathematically impossible to catch up. He has been active in the Coffee Party since spring of 2010 and is a current member of the board. He represents Coffee Party on the Move To Amend executive committee. He is the host of Coffee Party Radio’s “Politics Done Right w/Egberto Willies”, a CNN iReporter Spirit Award winner, and writes articles at

Link to Blogtalk Radio interview [listen about 30 minutes into the show following interview with Justin Brown]

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