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10/29 letter


The Coffee Party is calling on the American people -- real people with real stories to tell -- to come together on October 29th to speak out about why we've had enough.

We would like to invite you to come to Washington,marchwith us to the People's House and speak your truth.

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Many of us tried in the recent months to communicate with our representatives in Congress about the urgent need for consumer protection, Wall St reform, campaign finance reform, and tax code reform. But it seems that Congress is not able to hear us. Or if they do hear us, they won't or can't represent us.

When the people are marginalized from the decision-making process, it isn't just undemocratic; it leads to terrible decisions that hurt the country.

At this point, we must confront the democracy crisis in America. We must unequivocally state thatwe do not consent to:

  • The growing concentration of wealth and power in our country. Our country is becoming a plutocracy;

  • Policies that pander to the super-wealthy while hurting the rest of us.;

  • Lawmakers who believe or pretend to believe that corporations are people in order to allow unlimited anonymous money to flood our elections and drown out the voice of the People.

In addition to speaking out to Congress, we must say to ourselves: Democracy in America will not die on my watch. We must commit to accepting the awesome responsibility to be part of a sustained engagement at the district level.

If you can't makeit to Washington, we hope that you help organize or participate in local marches and speak-out events.Join our next planning call for local organizers on Saturday, August 27 at 3pm ET.

What can you do now to support this action?

  • Please call our speak-out line(301) 259-1135and/or send a photo Yourvoicerecording and your photo will be edited into one of ourvideospromoting the Oct. 29 event.

  • Participate in August congressional town halls. You can read about our campaign and use our toolkit.

  • Become an official member of the Coffee Party.

  • Donate to the Enough Is Enough campaign. Any amount would be appreciated. We're raising money to host the Oct. 29th rally, and to make it possible for people to travel to Washington to attend it.

Despite the many challenges ahead, we believe that We the People are resilient. We can do this.

- Annabel, Eric B, Eric W, Jeanene, Lori, Roger, Deb, Leah, Kathy, Linda, Gloria and the Enough Is Enough Coordinating Team

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